You’ve got great food, you’ve hired awesome servers and the ambiance in your restaurant is just right. Your dinner rush comes in and your staff executes flawlessly. The cherry on top is that you’re turning a profit. So do you really even need Food Costing Software?

But if you don’t manage your restaurant effectively, the honeymoon could end. You may suffer the fate of many and be forced to close your doors… for good.

To survive in the food service business, you must know your costs and keep them low. Period.

One of the biggest challenges in the restaurant business is menu and food costing. The prices of food fluctuate, and your menu items will change. But there’s a fine art to maintaining low costs low while running day-to-day operations and increasing sales.

Enter Cost Genie Food Costing Software.

Easy to learn and easy to use, Cost Genie Restaurant Recipe and Menu Costing Software instantly takes the guesswork out of costing your inventory, recipes, menus and catering events. This comprehensive and powerful software helps you:

  • Calculate food costs to ensure profitable menu items
  • Gain control of your kitchen with a standardized recipe file
  • Establish better inventory control
  • Create nutrition labels
  • Cost out your recipes and menus with ease
  • Streamline your back-of-the-house tasks

Why Food Costing Is So Important

Your food costs directly affect your bottom line. If you don’t have a strong handle on your food costs every day, you are losing money! This powerful software was developed by people who have been in the restaurant, food and bar industries for over 20 years and know from first-hand experience the hard work and dedication it takes to run a successful restaurant or bar. Cost Genie, the leading food costing software, was designed specifically for the restaurant or bar owner or manager.

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