Cycle Menu Pro

Cost Genie Cycle Menu Pro has been “tailored” for non-commercial and institutional food service operations.

This program makes the formidable task of menu development easier and more efficient. It reduces the time it takes to create cycle menus and provides users with easy-to-learn tools to create better meals, improve cost control, minimize repetition and more effectively supervise production. The program also helps users order food items more efficiently, categorize menus and store menu items along with related amount and portion details.

Perhaps most important, Cost Genie Cycle Menu Pro provides special tools that help you create cost-effective, well-balanced menus. The program’s many unique features include Standard, Costed, and Portion menu options, plus Production Sheets and other helpful tools. However, the heart of the program is the Menu Item File.


Cost Genie Cycle MenuThe Menu Item File (seen here) is the only place where you input data.

This is where you create menus items that will show up on your cycle menu pop-up lists.


On the Menu Item File you enter:

  • Portion details
  • Cost details
  • Inventory Items for your production sheets
  • Popularity codes or names
  • Utensils for your production sheets
  • Category and sub-category selections
  • Meal period selections (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner)

You may also file menu items as current and non current. Lastly, the Menu Item File will tell you the number of times a particular menu is being used in your current cycle.

Cost Genie Cycle Menu




See more sample pages below:

Standard Menu

Cost Genie Cycle Menu







Costed Menu

Cost Genie Costed Menu






Portion Menu

Cost Genie Costing Menu






Evaluate Cycle
This unique feature lets you evaluate all cycle menus weeks on one page. What do we mean by “evaluate cycle menus?” This program gives you the ability to look at each menu item for each week by category and compare them with all others. For example, if you select “Breakfast” and then select the category “Entrees,” you will see three lines of your Breakfast Entrees for all weeks in your cycle menu.

Cost Genie Evaluate Cycle Menu





Evaluate Week
Another unique feature is the ability to evaluate a single week by ingredient to see if you have the same menu item ingredient (i.e. Pork, Beef, Vegetable, etc) for all three meals. The program lets you see all of your weeks on one page! For example, if you select “Breakfast” and then select the category “Entrees,” you will see three lines of your breakfast entrees for all of the weeks of your cycle menu.

Cost Genie Evaluate Week





Menu Selection & Functions

Menu Selections Functions





Production Sheets
1. The Menu Production Record is a tool that is used in every food service operation including restaurants, commercial cafeterias, and Institutional cafeterias. Its main purpose is to plan and control food production.

2. A written production record provides a place for the Manager to plan the amount of food that will be prepared and then record what actually was served. Adjustments can be made to the Menu Production Record during preparation and service in order to indicate any changes that may need to be made.

3. The Menu Production Record is also an excellent planning and forecasting tool that will help the foodservice manager to have a successful food service operation.  Good menu production records keep track of more than just food items and quantities prepared. They provide a written history of a food service that can be used to evaluate customer food preferences and improve menu planning.

Cost Genie Production Sheets





Cost Genie Cycle Menu Pro is the perfect solution for every institutional food service operation. It is comprehensive, easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use, affordable and extremely cost-effective.