Cost Genie Restaurant Menu Costing Program

Cost Genie is one of the most robust food and menu costing software programs available. It’s easy to use too!

This intuitive program helps you gain control of your kitchen and increase your profits! With Cost Genie you can:

  • Input and manage your recipes with a recipe file.
  • Extend your inventory and identify shrinkage.
  • Lower food costs by 3-5%
  • Cost out your food and liquor efficiently
  • Get accurate plate costs and perform meu engineering with ease
  • Generate invoices, proposals and drop off sheets for catering
  • Create nutrition facts labels and so much more

Cost Genie  – $595.00

Cost Genie Cycle Menu Pro

If you are a non-commercial food service provider, this cycle menu preparation tool is a must-have. The dynamic product helps you reduce the time it takes to create well-balanced cycle menus. Imagine creating better meals while improving cost control and making meal production more effective. With Cycle Menu Pro you can:

  • Store menu items, amounts and portions
  • Categorize your menus
  • Get accurate costing
  • Order food items more efficiently
  • View costed menu or portion menu
  • Generate production sheets
  • Evaluate all cycle menu weeks on one page
  • Create new menus based on popular items and so much more
CG Cycle Menu Program – $295.00

Sales price for all programs includes a 1-year customer support program. 
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